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March 01, 2012

We're as mad as a March Hare when it comes to Rabbits

With it being the first of March, and spring finally feels like it's on its way, we've noticed at Vibes Direct HQ that things tend to get a bit more frisky at this time of year.

As the weather is heating up couples are shedding their winter warmers and slipping into something a little sexier, and I rocked up to work for the first time this year in skirt and boots, minus the tights. “You're as mad as a March hare,” my colleague told me. Apparently it's not quite warm enough to ditch them yet.

Curious as to where the phrase comes from, I hit it up on Google to discover that March is high mating season for hares so they act particularly excited. How apt! It's like spring and the start of March is made for sex, so sticking with the theme, I thought I'd round up some of the best rabbit vibrators, that swirl, pump and dual stimulate, that Vibrations Direct has to offer you. And ok, I know rabbits aren't the same as hares, but it's close enough...

Jessica Rabbit Mk 2, £29.99

This is one of our best selling rabbits, it's easy to use and great for first timers if you've never had one before. The control pad is simple with buttons to control the bunny and shaft separately and you can differentiate the speeds with each to suit. This means there's a grand total of 36 different stimulating combinations! Brilliant for varying your sessions each time depending on how rampant you want to get.





Mini Rabbit, £9.99

After having used a rabbit and fallen head over heels for it, we know how tough it can be to put it down or leave it at home, but slipping your full size toy into your bag for a weekend away or carrying it over to your lover's house isn't always the most practical. That's where this little fella comes in. Measuring only 5.5 inches, he's the perfect size to pop into your overnight bag without taking up too much space. Don't let the size deceive you though, we'd never ask you to compromise on your pleasure levels, and he certainly packs quite a punch – simply twist the control at the bottom to vary the intensity of the buzz.



Lelo Ina, £99

Smooth, sleek and sexy as hell, the rechargeable Lelo Ina is the height of style when it comes to rabbits. If it's more about the buzz than rotation for you, then you won't be disappointed with this designer toy, as it's fitted with two pulsating motors: one placed in the end of the main shaft and the second in the rabbit-like tip. Working together they'll stimulate both internal and external erogenous zones and the slight curve to the shaft means it will nuzzle nicely against your G-Spot if inserted.

Scroll through eight modes and several speed settings until you find one you like, and the clever little toy will also remember your favourite setting so you can skip straight to the mind-blowing orgasms next time.





JimmyJane Form 2, £149.99

Forget the shaft, just give me the pleasure of the bunny ears!” Well, ok then, this one's for you and it's the most luxurious way to tease and play with the bunny style. Made from smooth silicone, the ears nestle perfectly against your clit or labia for outer stimulation that will have you at it like a rabbit! The five settings and five speeds means you can vary intensity to a gentle tickle, or ramp it up for a more intense orgasm.




Thrusting Rabbit, £36.99

For some ladies sex is all about the thrusting to really hit those key spots. Until recently rabbits have been mostly rotation based, but there's now the option for a bit more depth and power, and this Thrusting Rabbit couldn't be more of a bedroom pleaser! The vibrating penis head will move back and forth, just like a real cock, and the four rows of metal beads will tease the vaginal opening for extra sensation. Not enough? Then add the bunny ears into the mix to stimulate your clitoris to send you hopping mad.




For more advice or detail about the toys feel free to email Vibrations Direct blogger Rose, on Rose@vibrationsdirect.co.uk

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