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April 06, 2012

The most eggcellent vibrators for Easter

There are more eggs to be enjoyed this Easter besides chocolate ones. One of the hottest sex toy shapes at the moment is 'the egg' and there's something out there for both guys and girls that will have you cracking more than just a smile. (Sorry, I promise there will be no more egg puns throughout this post.)

Shots Toys Vibrating Egg, £32.39

Let your lover control your pleasure with this 10 speed, waterproof, wonder egg, complete with wireless remote control. Easily my favourite toy at the moment, the wireless remote works within a distance of 20, that's right 20(!), metres. This means he can be in the living room doing the hoovering (or something), but still control your pleasure with the click of a button as you lay back in the bedroom. Or if you're especially daring wear it out in public, but avoid really quiet places as it's not the most silent of toys and there's only so long you can convince people that the vibrate mode on your phone is stuck.

Easy to control, there are three buttons on the remote – one for on and off and two arrow keys that scroll up and down through the powerful functions which range from continuous buzzing, to pulsation vibrations and waves.

A lot of people may worry that it looks large, or is made of hard plastic so could be uncomfortable to wear, but (quite simply) they're wrong. The egg is coated in silky silicone, giving it a velvety feel and the size is perfect to reach and stimulate all of your inner erogenous zones, which is guaranteed to get you worked up and wanting something more...

To remove gently pull on the attached cord, wash with either toy cleaner or soap and water.

Tenga Egg 6 pack, £58.49

The most pleasure you'll ever get from buying half-a-dozen, Tenga Eggs are at the forefront in masturbation sleeves for guys. Although each egg can be bought as a singular (£11.69 each), I simply couldn't pick which one is the best. Each is lined with different ridges, nodules, bumps, dots and swirls to give you plenty of variation each time you masturbate. If you like to twist and tug, try the Tenga Twister. Or, allow yourself to get into a web of pleasure with the Tenga Spider – a tangle of soft jelly in a spider web pattern to offer an incredible sensation.

To use, simply slip your cock into the lubricated hole and move the sleeve up and down as you masturbate. Ideally each egg is designed for one-time use only (well think of the mess if used repeatedly, ew!), but can be extended to two or three uses if you wear a thin condom at the same time. Heighten sensation by adding two or three drops of thick silicone lube. Hot!

LELO Lyla, £89.10

Possibly one of the most innovative and fun eggs on the market, the LELO Lyla is the definition of 'lap of luxury' when wearing it. Made from medical grade silicone it's soft, sleek and comfortable to wear for sustained periods of time. A great toy for couples as you can hand the remote to your lover, but as well as having buttons to control the pulses, you can also shake the remote to change through the six settings and increase or decrease the power. Not only that, but the remote also vibrates so you can feel exactly what your partner is experiencing meaning it can double up as a second vibrator. Neat, eh?

The wireless remote has a range of up to 12 metres, although you may not want to stray too far from your partner so you can watch their pleasure unfold.


Toy Joy Pearl Pleasure Stick, £10.79

I have a penchant for shiny purple toys, so this powerful wand vibrator with a luxuriously bulbous egg-shaped tip looks lovely in my toy draw as well as being great for getting me off. Curved slightly at the end it's designed for G-spot, or prostate, stimulation and because the egg gives it a larger shape it means it's much easier for the toy to find and hit this sometimes, most elusive of erogenous zones. The larger surface is also great for external stimulation as it can cover and buzz against much of your pussy and clit, leaving nothing untouched.

Fully waterproof, take it into the bath or shower for plenty of wet fun as you twist the base to scroll through the multi-speeds for an eggcellent orgasm.


N.B. Sorry, I fibbed about the egg puns...

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