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April 11, 2012

Toyed & Tested

Pinched, pumped & pert!

Nipple Enlarger System, £16.19

If you're a fan of nipple play and you like to mingle pain with your pleasure, then you can't go far wrong with this 10 piece Nipple Pump kit. Comprising of two pumps – one large, one small – and four pairs of rubber rings varying in size, it doesn't matter if you have small or large nips, they're designed to fit guys and gals of any size.

The packaging suggests it's how the adult sex stars get their nipples looking pert and pretty, and after using I definitely felt like I had pointy porn star teets. To use, pick one of the pumps depending on if you'd like your nipples to look big or small and the amount of pressure you'd like applied. Next, pick which size ring you'd like fitted and stretch it over the end of the pump. Bear in mind that the smaller the ring, the tighter it will feel once on. Place the pump over the nipple and start pumping until the nipple is fully erect. You'll know when this is because you'll clearly see that your nip stops getting bigger. At that pint, leave the pump on and then roll the ring on. Once in place, take the pump away and your teet will remain hard and pert.

Personally, I started out with the smaller pump and tried the smallest and second smallest ring size on each nipple to experiment with sensation and size. Plus, I only have small nips, so even with the big pump, the bigger rings simply slipped off.

If you have sensitive nipples and you enjoy having them played with, then the sensation of pumping alone is delightful. Rolling on the rings there was a slight pinch, but it was much softer and gentler than playing with clamps, so this toy is a great introduction to nipple play if you've not done it before.

Once on, my nips stayed pert, erect and were even more sensitive to being licked, tweaked and played with. They also looked quite cute and it certainly added a kinky bondage feel having black rings around them, keeping them pronounced and restrained.

I left them on for about 40 minutes before it started to feel a little bit uncomfortable. Like clamps, expect a quick rush of blood back to the area, which will make them hurt and throb even more. As they say, putting clamps or restraints on hurts. Taking them off hurts a hell of a lot more! If you're playing with a lover, then maybe ask them to gently suck them off, as the heat from their mouth will help your nipple relax, making it easier and less painful to remove them, or apply a drop of lube so they slip off.

They certainly have a lasting effect and my nipples remained porn star pointy for hours afterwards. The sensation lasted even longer, into the next day, which was delicious as small pangs of pain returned if I brushed against anything.

A great kink toy, with effects that really work and last.

To own your own pair, click here. 

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