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April 26, 2012

What's in Johnny Anglais' Joy Box?

Getting sex toy advice and tips from those in the know is a number one priority for the Vibes Direct blog and I'm always on the hunt for the very best sex bloggers, reviewers and sex toy connoisseurs to make sure you get the hottest low down on all of the sexcessories available.

This week I've had the pleasure of talking to the gorgeous adult star, stripper, model and personal trainer Johnny Anglais, a.k.a Jonny Cockfill about what's in his toy draw and what really gets him off.

Can you remember the first sex toy you bought?
I think it was a vibrating bullet. It was sat on the side of the counter and being offered for a couple of pounds, so I thought it would make a good introduction to the world of sex toys. Start small, as they say.

Which is your favourite sexcessory and why?
I love being tied up, so would never be without my cuffs, but by far the most effective sexcessory I currently own is one that was given to me by a sex toy company, when they used me as a promotions model at their launch event. It's called the Naughty Boy Male Stimulator by Rocks-Off. It's a combined prostate and perineum stimulator (or P-Spot, the male G-Spot) that vibrates and hits exactly the right parts to give any man an orgasm  that is out of this world! I know most heterosexual men are fearful of using sex toys on themselves, particularly ones that involve penetrating the anus and I'm not a massive fan of shoving articles right up there either, but access to the male P-Spot is best made via the entrance of the anus, just inside and around the corner.

Any man who has not had the pleasure of stimulating their P Spot at the height of arousal has not experienced the full benefits that being a male of the species offers. Do it. Don’t delay!

What sex toys have you enjoyed playing with in the past in your films?
This is going to sound very boring, but as a heterosexual male porn performer, we don’t really get the pleasure of using sex toys. If we ever do, it's a rare occasion. Producers would argue their viewers don’t want to see it, but maybe they are just lacking creativity and imagination. Either way, I cannot think of any scene that I have been required to use a sex toy. Rebecca More brought a scaled-down version of her rather impressive dildo collection along to the live sex show I did with her on SheBang.tv for me try out on her. I have used my male stimulator a couple of times on my own webcam shows though.

What do you enjoy/dislike about playing with sex toys in front of the camera?
To be honest, I'm not a massive fan of using sex toys on myself during my webcam shows, largely because most of them involve shoving something up my arse which requires me to place myself in positions which are less than flattering. It's also something I still don’t do regularly, even in my private life, so an exploration of my P Spot is still something that feels like a personal journey of self-exploration and therefore also, leaves me feeling somewhat vulnerable I would say. Having said that, I enjoy trying new things, even if I end up saying I would never do it again and am happy to explore some (but by no means all) of the fantasies and desires of my viewers and fans.

What's your sure fire sex tip to keep passion levels high?
While sex toys can be a great understudy to absent sexual partners, they should never been seen as a replacement, more an accompaniment within any sexual relationship. Men can sometimes feel threatened by sex toys and some women eventually form closer bonds with their toys than they do with their men. However sex toys should be seen as a way of spicing things up and getting things going.

Sex, like anything done over and over again, can become mundane, sex toys offer a real opportunity to explore different aspects of one’s own sexuality as well as their partner’s, thereby, in turn, keeping the passion levels constantly on a high. So, my sure fire tip would be: variety! Don’t be scared, explore and enjoy! Even I need to take a bit more of my own advice.

To see more of Johnny, head to his website www.jonnycockfillxxx.com for pictures and videos of hot Johnny in action or click here to see some of his adult work.


(Image: Courtesy of Johnny Anglais)


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