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May 24, 2012

Super Cool Sex

Running ice-cubes over your lover's body has always been a super sexy way to incorporate sensation play in the bedroom, but as the temperatures rise outside, turn up the passion inside with these really 'cool' sex toys...

 Arctic Teaser Ice Massager, £23.80
Avoid chill burns with this sensual silicone vibrator, which allows you to play with ice without having it directly placed on your skin. To use remove the bullet vibrator and fill the large massage head with water and pop in the freezer for 3-4 hours. When you're ready to really cool things down in the hottest way possible, put the vibe back in, switch on and run the pad over your lovers body, or to really make them them squirm let the super cool vibrator buzz against their intimate areas.







Kissable Ice Cream Cooling Lube, £10.79
Nothing says summer more than ice cream, but getting dollops of Haagen Dazs all over the bed sheets ain't sexy. Enjoy the yummy taste of apple, cherry, strawberry and colada ice cream flavours without the mess. The best bit is that when applied to the skin and gently blown on it cools, chills and tingles to give a pleasurable sensation that's just as satisfying as eating the real thing!





 Touché Ice Vibrating Bullet, £30.59
If you love the feeling of ice on your body during foreplay, then you'll love this powerful one speed ice vibe. Fill the base with water and place in the freezer until the egg is completely frozen, but the Touche is way more fun than playing with cubes because it buzzes, giving you a n-ice thrill. Ideal for couple play and teasing your lover's erogenous zones, or great for sexy solo chill out time.



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