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June 13, 2012

Toyed & Tested


Rocks Off Groovy Chick, £32.39
There's been much debate over the years as to whether the elusive G-Spot actually exists, or if it's just a myth. After using the Rocks Off Groovy Chick G-Spot vibe, you'll very quickly learn, like I did, that this inner hot-spot of instant pleasure is definitely real!

Finding the G-Spot can be tricky – hence the reason there are so many doubters out there – but the shape and size of the Groovy Chick makes it much easier to locate.

Generally speaking, your magic spot can be found on the top wall of the vagina. Insert either the index or middle finger up to the second knuckle and then make a come-hither motion. The area should feel slightly rougher and more spongy than the rest of the vagina wall. It's easier for a lover to find, unless you're using a toy, and it's always much easier to hit if you're already slightly aroused as the area will swell.

The 'C' shape curve of the Groovy Chick and the thicker head means it's perfectly designed to tickle that inner erogenous zone and the soft silicone material makes the toy super malleable so it can flex around the shape of your body. This is especially useful because every woman is different, so having a toy that can move, bend and individually reach your G-Spot wherever it's located is simply a delight!

Many women I've suggested the Groovy Chick to freak out slightly at the size and think the whole thing has to be pushed up there. It doesn't. Only about two to three inches will actually be inserted into the vagina. The rest, and the reason it has to be so curved, is because the top end is fitted with the powerful one speed Rocks Off 80mm Ammunition Love Bullet, which buzzes deliciously against your clitoris as you play, giving you extra stimulation so you have the best of both worlds.

To get the most out of your toy, place your hand on the bend of the Groovy Chick and rock it back and forth, so you vary the pressure on your G-Spot and your clit as you move it, offering amazing sensations.

Fully waterproof, easy to clean and very comfortable to use, I'm honestly yet to find another G-Spot vibe that offers so many multiple pleasures.

...And for the boys...
It's not just us ladies that have G-Spots you know, for men their prostate, located in the anus, is just as sensitive and will give mind blowing orgasms when stimulated.

The clever people at Rocks Off have got this covered too, with their range of prostate vibes for men, like the Naughty Boy (£43.19), which last month porn star Johnny Anglais revealed as his favourite toy of the moment!

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