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Penis Enlarger

1 review

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Bodybuilding for your penis! Our best value penis pump, simply lube up, slip the eight inch tube over your old man, and use the hand pump to create a strong vacuum which will draw blood to the penis and create a massive erection! Whether you then use a cock ring to keep the erection and use it for fun stuff, or keep the pump on for twenty minutes or so to increase the size, is up to you!
ManufacturerSeven CreationsSize (metric)200mm x 51mm
Materialsplastic/latex rubberSize (imperial)7.5" x 2"
PowerNone Required

This product is currently sold out.

Reviews for Penis Enlarger
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Great purchase
Matt Crown from UK on Dec 14, 2011
Aside from doing what a pump should be doing, one thing I though was worth mentioning was the suction on this pump. It is tight and others have not given the seal that you are looking for sure they vacuum pack you but you gotta look at the cylinder to know it’s a good pump. Out of the ones I’ve tried and used, this one works the best. The others worked as long as I held the tube upright, as soon as I let it go and it leaned over, the suction would be lost. With this one I had no such problem; it stayed upright and held the suction and that is very important. I could even get it to hold pressure on just the head of my penis. If you want to impress that certain girl or even guy whatever you are into, this little added bonus that others cannot deliver is great too!