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Silencer Totally Silent Vibe

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Do you share a house or a bedroom with children, inlaws, or lightly-sleeping housemates? Ever got frustrated and wished that your vibrator wasn't so noisy and embarassing? We proudly present the answer - the Totally Silent Vibe! In a neat classic style with twist-and-go multi-speed vibrator, this vibe has been designed without all the rattling and humming that often accompanies a bit nocturnal fun - simply shut the door, lay back and enjoy the elegantly sculpted shaft in peace! Absolute bliss!
ManufacturerSeven CreationsSize (metric)200mm x 30mm
MaterialsplasticSize (imperial)8" x 1.25"
PowerC size batteries x 2

Reviews for Silencer Totally Silent Vibe
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
It is actually silent!
Anne nin from brighton on Dec 16, 2011
I think when you move back in with your parents you never think you will need to buy a vibrator that is silent. It wasn’t the first thing on my mind but it came up and I was like sh... This little baby has afforded me the freedom to take a time out and enjoy myself without the worry of embarrassing myself. I can’t bring a man home so thank goodness for small favors. I was worried that you will sacrifice one function for another and this wouldn’t be as good as say one that was loud I figured it meant strong. Nope. This baby is strong and it feels great. The shape is wonderful and the feel of it is really nice on the skin. I recommend.