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Japanese Bondage Rope - purple

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Kinbaku-bi (or more recently Shibari) is the Japanese term for "beautiful bondage", and involves tying up your lovers' body using simple, but visually intricate knots. For many centuries Japanese Robe Bondage has been considered one of the most beautiful, subtle and sensual forms of bondage, using knots in pressure points and erogenous zone to increase sensation and asymmetric ties to increase awareness of the position of the subject, and leave them open and vulnerable to whatever acts you wish to perform. Some of the ties are suitable for use under clothes, and can be worn as a form of foreplay. Whether you want to use this rope as a simple restraint to tie your lover to the bed, or wish to learn the more advanced forms of the art, this kit contains everything you need u2013 32 feet of soft, thin bondage cord in a choice of three colours u2013 especially designed not to rub, chafe or burn, and to be easy to tie and release u2013 and instructions on the basic knots you will need.
ManufacturerDoc JohnsonSize (metric)10 m
MaterialsvariousSize (imperial)32 ft
PowerNone Required

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