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ID Millennium Lube - 70 g/2.5 oz

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Get into the mood with this best-selling lube from ID u2013 the Millennium is a concentrated silky-light silicone liquid which can lubricate efficiently with just a few drops. u2022 Guaranteed never sticky! u2022 Great for massage and can be used under water u2022 100% pure pharmaceutical grade silicone lubricant u2022 Condom friendly u2022 One of the longest lasting lubricants available. Comes in a range of sizes, from a 2.5oz bottle which can be slipped easily into a pocket, to a larger version for the dedicated enthusiast! Not suitable for use with some silicone toys.
ManufacturerID LubricantsSize (metric)65 ml- 130 ml- 250 ml-
MaterialssiliconeSize (imperial)2.2 oz- 4.4 oz 8.5 oz
PowerNone Required

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