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4 Cuff U

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This fabulous set of restraints will keep you "tied up" literally for hours!  This quad of restraints is ideal for both beginning and more experienced users.  What you get: four stronger than strong nylon restraints with adjustable webbed straps.  These straps are strong enough to keep even the most resistant of partners from escaping the bondage of love!  Restraints feature Velcro release in the even that your partner really DOES want to be set free.  Just slip these restraints over the ankles and wrists and tie them to anything that you want.  Picture your lover confined to the bed, spread-eagle style, or contorted into a submissive position.  This product is brilliant and offers a tremendous amount of versatility in the bedroom.  

ManufacturerNMCSize (metric)one size fits all
MaterialsnylonSize (imperial)one size fits all
PowerNone Required

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