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Vibrating Tongue Ring - Blue

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Slip this little vibe on your finger or tongue to turn yourself into the ultimate vibrator! The Vibrating tongue ring adds a new level of pleasure to your oral or other romp and is a great way to tease your lover's most erogenous zones.

ManufacturerShots ToysSize (metric)50mm x 30mm
MaterialsPVCSize (imperial)2" x 1.25"
PowerSingle Use Battery

Reviews for Vibrating Tongue Ring - Blue
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
This is so fun!
Kassie Pears from Manchester, UK on Dec 12, 2011
Finally a vibrator you can use more than one way. I’ve found more than 2 ways to use this and my boyfriend and I are so pleased. I thought it was a bit quirky to put this on his finger at first but now I’m not doing all the work! Love it… It’s soft and gentle enough not to make your tongue ache when it is attached so he says that after about 10 minutes, he will still good! Yummy, I used it to stimulate his rear the other day and he lost his mind. We’d never done that before and I assure you, your man will love the feeling as much as he did. If he doesn’t that will be a shock but try it. We like to experiment with different toys and find this one to be easy to clean and easy to use and we both get pleasure while we are having sex without the thing needing to be held or positioned so it doesn’t fall off. We even tried it while having sex and the ring didn’t get in the way, how cool is that. It is a perfect size so it doesn’t impact his abilities. I think as far as toys go this is a staple and I would recommend it to anyone who likes that added stimulation. I know I do! But enough gushing this didn’t break and the power is all over, not just one spot.